MARCH 28, 2023


🎥THAT’S A WRAP!!!👏👏👏 Such an amazing journey filled with laughs, tears, and above all, dedication to tell the story that’s impacting our communities. “Trapped” is more than just a movie, it’s a commitment to bring forth an issue that has been kept silent for far too long. THANK YOU to the towns of Linton, Bismarck, the entire state of North Dakota, our beautiful and talented cast, the passionate and hardworking crew behind the camera. It’s time to enter the editing room so that we can share this amazing film with you all! Stay tuned for special announcements and updates at

DECEMBER 14, 2022


 WINNER – Wild Horse – Feature

We are honored for this amazing recognition as the winner of the Winnie Award at the 2022 EQUUS Film & Arts Fest for our feature film “Before They Vanish.”

NOVEMBER 15, 2022

Today we are in Linton, North Dakota as we prepare for our upcoming feature film, “Trapped.” Our director, Ejaz Khan, is scouting locations that will bring this special story to life. The visuals for our film matches the tones of the story being told. The cold air, snow covered landscapes, rustic and rural setting is the world in which a young girl, Emma, is trying to overcome in order to reach her lifelong dream. VIEW MORE

NOVEMBER 1, 2022

“Before They Vanish” is now available on iTunes, Prime Video, Google Play, and YouTube! WATCH NOW