ABOUT Ejaz Khan

Ejaz Khan was born and raised in a film family in India. Ejaz left India for New York in his early twenties to pursue this passion of Fashion. Today, Ejaz is a wildlife and fashion photographer in New York. While he has found success in still work, Ejaz’s talent for capturing stunning visuals transcends photography. He loves to bring attention to subjects that require awareness through his filmmaking, Ejaz has captivated audiences with his work. His film, “Legacy,” was nominated for Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival. His first feature film, Before They Vanish fka Vanishing Knowledge, exemplifies his unique keen eye and devotion to create cause-driven films.
”Once we take responsibility for actions in our daily lives and stay mindful of the environment, we can slow the process of global warming. It’s my responsibility to bring forward the beauty of our world to inspire everyone to take such action.”
-Ejaz Khan