ABOUT Ejaz Khan


Ejaz Khan, originally from a cinematic family in India, embarked on his artistic journey to New York in his early twenties. Now a distinguished filmmaker in the industry, Ejaz has established a thriving career in the vibrant cultural milieu of New York City. His exceptional ability to craft compelling narratives has earned him significant recognition and respect within the industry.

Ejaz’s profound connection with themes that promote awareness is evident throughout his work, captivating audiences worldwide. His film “Legacy” was recognized at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, where he received a nomination for Best Director.

Furthermore, Ejaz’s debut feature film, “Before They Vanish” (originally titled “Vanishing Knowledge”), has received widespread acclaim. This poignant film tells the story of a Vietnam War veteran who discovers his calling in the preservation of the Nokota horses, exploring themes of purpose, peace, and love. Ejaz’s forthcoming project, “Trapped,” aims to shed light on the escalating crises affecting America’s youth and families, promising to engage and challenge viewers with its pertinent narrative.