In an exclusive interview, we had the chance to sit down with the versatile and immensely talented Lydia Pearl Pentz, who is about to make waves in the independent film industry with an impressive lineup of projects including as the lead actress in the feature film TRAPPED. An overview of her career that promises great heights, the discussion that delves into the making of a true artist.

In a candid and insightful conversation, we had the pleasure to speak with Lydia Pearl Pentz, the lead actress of the highly anticipated film “Trapped,” directed by Ejaz Khan. Throughout this discussion, Lydia opens up about her experiences and the emotional journey she undertook to step into the challenging role she was destined to play.

The journey started with a series of emails followed by a self-tape audition. Lydia recalls the tension of not knowing whether she would land the role as she further engaged in live readings with already cast members. What was supposed to be a straightforward audition process evolved into weeks of conversations, interviews, and rehearsals. Lydia shares, “After facing off that initial self-tape and getting an interview, I eventually read scenes with some of the already cast members, even though I hadn’t been confirmed for the role yet. It was a long process.”

Given the subject matter’s sensitivity, the director Ejaz Khan met with Lydia’s mother to ensure her comfort and understanding of the role’s emotional demands. Lydia highlights, “You met with my mom to make sure she was comfortable with the subject material and had a full understanding of what was expected of me. Eventually, after more rehearsals, I was officially offered the role while you were in France.”

Ejaz shares his initial reservations about Lydia’s young age and the emotional weight the role carries. He admits, “I wasn’t questioning the talent. I was questioning the commitment and the emotional depth required for such a heavy role. You are an older soul in an 18-year-old body, and that gave me immense comfort as a director.”

When asked about her thoughts regarding the film’s challenging subject matter, Lydia speaks of her deep reflection on the real-life struggles that inspired her character, Becky. “A lot of the time, I would find myself thinking about Becky and the woman she was based on. How they would feel like in their gut.” She also emphasizes the importance of addressing these difficult topics. “This needs to be out there. It’s happening everywhere, in small-town America and beyond, regardless of gender or race.”

The conversation also touched on Lydia’s family’s reactions to her new role, and how her sisters only found out about it a couple of days ago. She laughingly states, “They were like, ‘wait, you’re actually doing that?’ And I’m like, ‘oh, yeah, I’ve been working on this for weeks.'”

Ejaz speaks about the two kinds of audiences they expect — those who shy away from the difficult subject matter and those who welcome it. When Lydia is questioned about her expectations from the ‘negative audience,’ she strongly advocates for raising awareness. “It’s definitely something that needs to be out there. The original push for me was the complex relationship between Becky and her mother. As I learned about her emotional journey, it solidified my interest in the project. I was like, ‘I want to be her.'”

This interview unveils the rigorous process and emotional depth that Lydia invested in becoming Becky. The film seems to be more than just another role for her; it’s an emotional journey she’s passionately committed to, making her an integral part of this cinematic experience.

We are truly grateful to have Lydia as part of this project. Her insights and willingness to tackle complicated emotional landscapes are inspiring. With her lead role in “Trapped,” Lydia Pearl Pentz solidifies herself as a serious, deeply committed artist, set on leveraging her talent for meaningful storytelling. Thank you, Lydia, for your time and for sharing your experience with us.

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